Case Study | Repifi

We patented an e-ink badge solution that put a vendor compliance startup at the center of a bidding war between three industry giants.


  • Product Roadmapping
  • User Interface Design
  • Mobile Development

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Where we started from:

  • Repifi was founded and funded by two medical device reps who well understood the compliance challenges of vendor visit credentialing in today’s hospitals and managed care facilities

  • Repifi wanted to create a cloud-based credentialing platform that helped facilities stay compliant while reducing friction for visiting vendors

  • As with many startups, the goal was to minimize the initial development cost and timeline, get to market quickly, and leverage the founders’ rich network to grow quickly

What we did:

  • Built a web application with secure file-sharing and credential validation workflow management

  • Prototyped and patented an e-ink badge and supporting hardware solution to enable paperless onsite badge creation at healthcare facilities

  • Exploited a market gap with innovative contactless technology and a nimble go-to-market strategy

What resulted:

  • An unassailable patent

  • Attention from established financial advisory firms

  • An acquisition bidding war between the three leading incumbents in healthcare vendor credentialing services

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