Case Study | Rx Strategies

In less than 2 years we helped an aging software business achieve explosive growth, 4x its enterprise value, and get acquired.


  • System Architecture
  • Database and Data Warehouse Design
  • Custom Software Development

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Where we started from:

  • The Chief Revenue Officer and VP of Sales at Rx Strategies wanted to reinvigorate and stimulate explosive growth at a 15-year-old software company specialized in supporting the Federal 340B Drug Pricing Program

  • The proposed task was to modernize the user interface, optimizing it for tablet and mobile devices, and to introduce embedded analytics for visual data analysis

  • The legacy software was minimally documented and relied heavily on a single developer, while the other engineers were maxed managing data processing and server performance, conditions that were impeding innovation opportunity

What we did:

  • To avoid integration delays, we first delivered a functional user-interface prototype that could be used to demonstrate forthcoming improvements and pre-sell new clients at trade shows

  • Concurrently we developed a new scripting engine capable of processing millions of records per day and running on scalable cloud-based servers

  • After improving product stability and processing power “behind the curtain,” we finally applied the 340B Dashboard- a visually pleasing user interface with advanced analytics capabilities

What resulted:

  • A complete re-platforming of the original software and twelve new enterprise clients onboarded in less than 1 year

  • 400% revenue growth

  • A 4x increase in enterprise value and a resulting sale to Renovus Capital

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