Finding the Right Custom Software Development Partner

Partnering with the right software development company can improve to market capabilities, the quality of your software, and your ROI. Creating a software, undergoing a software transformation, or developing enterprise software all require a solid team you can depend on. Custom development companies are a great way to reduce overhead and get capabilities tailored to your project.

But how do you choose the right custom development company? Knowing what to ask and qualities to look for in a company can be daunting. We’ve created an evaluation checklist so you can find the right partner for your next software development project.

1. Understanding Your Business

The right partner takes the time to understand your needs. If you sit down for a consultation with a company, make sure they’re asking the right questions and getting to know your business. It’s critical your partner is listening to your goals and objectives if they’re going can scale and grow it.

2. Question Assumptions

A great software company should be a strategic partner. When meeting with companies, pay attention to the questions they’re asking. Are they targeted and insight driven? Are they questioning assumptions? A great software company can plus up your ideas, and act as an advisor when need be. This will ensure a robust product that will be adopted.

3. One Size Does Not Fit All

Projects come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations so the company you go with needs to be technology agnostic. This will guarantee you’re using the most effective and efficient technology for your project. The custom software company you partner with should be confident in the solutions they’re suggesting for you and be able to articulate why.

Are they addressing your specific needs? How should your enterprise best distribute these products to users once they’re developed and available? These are questions you can bring to the table.

4. A Proven Track Record

Building software is like making several hundred tiny steps. That means several hundred tiny opportunities for things to go wrong. Find a company with a well-defined, repeatable process and a successful track record delivering high-quality products. Ask about safety procedures, database management, project reviews, code quality reviews.

Would you hire someone without checking their references? Reputation is important and a key indicator of what you can expect.

5. Keeping You in the Loop

The company you ultimately partner with needs to be just that—a partner. If awarded the project, what does the day to day look like? What collaboration tools are they using? Who is the point person on the team you’ll be directly communicating with? Issues always arise and it’s important they tell you when they do. Find out how the company communicates obstacles and how they have overcome them in the past.

6. A Pro Team

You’re only as good as the custom team assigned on your project. Ask questions about the team structure early. Who is going to lead your project? What strategic involvement can you expect? How senior are team members assigned to your project? Getting a strong team will enable you to feel confident in the product you’re creating together.

7. In it for the Long Haul

Once your product launches, there’s plenty of more work to be done. A sound product needs ongoing support. Glitches, user feedback or changes to your business may require updates to your product. Make sure the company you choose is going to provide long term partnership beyond the product delivery.

8. A Record of Success

An agency’s portfolio should give you a clear picture of development capabilities, focus, and client outcomes. Ask about case studies, project objectives and takeaways that will provide an understanding of their impact.

9. High-quality, High-speed

You’ve heard it before—time is money. When you have a great idea, it’s important to run full speed with it, without making time-consuming mistakes. An experienced team with a solid process in place will ensure you’re not wasting critical time bringing your idea to life.

10. Partners in Success

A strong software development company should function as an ally, an advisor, and strategic support. At The development Factory, we hold ourselves to these standards. Doing research before embarking on this development journey will guarantee you have the right partner by your side and ensure your projects’ success.

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