Elevate Your People, Process, and Products.

To meet the expectations of today’s markets, we must not only adopt innovative software and technology internally, we must transform the way we design, build and deploy technology solutions to our customers.

Our integrated coaching, consulting, and team augmentation services can help you deliver better.

Our Services


Technology training and team coaching services for business leaders who want to deliver better.

    • Interim Software Development and Product Management Leadership
    • Product Team Coaching and Mentorship
    • Remote Workforce Management
    • On-demand Staff Augmentation and Role Specialization


    Establish, define, and refine the essential planning and delivery processes of successful software companies.

    • Product Roadmapping
    • Story Mapping and Release Planning
    • Agile and Scrum Training
    • Product and Code-Level Documentation
    • Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket Setups
    • Gitflow Implementation
    • Server Virtualization
    • CI/CD Configuration


    All the functional activities you need to expertly execute your product idea.

    • System Architecture

    • Database & Data Warehouse Design

    • User Interface Design

    • Custom Software and Responsive Web Applications

    • Mobile Development

    • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    • Analytics Implementations

    Are you clear about the direction you want to go in, but unclear on the path to getting there?

    Results you can measure

    Here are just a few of the outcomes we can help our clients to achieve.
    • Grow market share with product-led strategies
    • Expand horizontally with new product and service offerings
    • Boost revenue, retention, and referral with user research and advanced analytics
    • Become more investable and salable with increased product revenues and optimized operating costs
    • Increase product stability by reducing bug outputs and regression errors
    • Increase development throughput, code quality, and on-time releases through team coaching and mentoring
    • Increase technical capabilities with training and team augmentation
    • Defeat department siloing with collaborative feature and release planning workshops
    • Reduce inefficiencies and time spent on manual tasks through workflow automation

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    We tackle pressing problems

    We can help you tackle your tech problems in the right order, and sustainably address the underlying issues that may be blocking your business from achieving bigger goals.

    Urgent Problems

    • We can’t find, hire or retain talented engineers, product managers, and tech leaders

    • We have a high output of bugs and regression errors

    • It’s taking too long to deliver new features

    • Our customers are leaving for our competitors

    • We’re struggling to attract new customers or address new markets

    • Product growth has stalled

    Underlying Causes

    • Software architecture is inflexible, programs are running on old code, and technical debt is hurting productivity

    • There’s a mismatch between the skills needed and the skillset of existing teams

    • Persistent product instability and unaddressed usability issues are eroding customer value

    • Agile competitors with high performing teams are innovating faster, shipping more quickly, and delivering experiences customers want

    • Existing markets are saturated or changing, requiring innovation and new strategies

    • There’s not enough bandwidth to plan, design, and build new products

    For a deeper dive on how to spot delivery breakdown in your organization, read Your Software Architecture May Be Failing You.

    Hear what some of our clients are saying.


    TDF is uniquely skilled at supporting co-founders, especially when you have the contrast of an operationally-minded person and a visionary like we did. They plug in and really speak both languages and create alignment, which is a very unique thing.
    Ashley Sumner

    Co-founder, Quilt

    TDF doesn’t just develop products, they develop a company. They have really become like family. Entrepreneurship is a lonely road without a co-founder. They’ve been there to catch all of that for me. Investor meetings. Interviews. You name it.
    Tony Greco

    CEO, Get Help

    TDF is a team of creative IT and product people who develop all sorts of different technology resources for their clients. They listened very carefully to our description of what we do and they understood it. They take them time to learn what you do, deeply.
    Dr. Thomas Goddard

    Owner, Integral Healthcare Solutions

    With the help of TDF, we’ve introduced and maintained processes for prioritizing and planning new features, measuring and increasing delivery speed, and higher quality outputs that have caught the attention of our customers and our business stakeholders. In just a few months we’ve become a cohesive, cross-functional department that communicates better than ever and we’re having fun.
    Dustin Carswell

    VP of Product and Technology, Courthouse News Service

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    Plan, Build, and Launch Digital Products the Right Way.

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    Plan, Build, and Launch Digital Products the Right Way. 

    Get your free copy of The R2D Method, six lessons for how to lead your team from product roadmap to code deployment.

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