Plan, Build, and Launch Digital Products the Right Way.

The R2D Method is a comprehensive guide to delivering digital products in today’s tech-driven markets, made easy.

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Learn how to implement the essential planning and delivery processes of successful software companies.

If you’ve been trying to wrap your head around concepts like Minimum Viable Products, Agile Software Development, and what it means to be “Product-Led,” but can’t seem to get things working right in your organization, this is the guide you need to get started and get on a path to be a high-performing technology company.

Do you want to:

  • Build a leading software business?
  • Confidently manage your designers and engineers?
  • Adopt practices that will you set you apart from your competitors?

The R2D Method offers expert instruction for every step of the process, from mapping out a vision for your software and defining features your customers will love, to managing teams and organizing the day-to-day work of launching digital products. You’ll see how the best technology companies operate, and discover you can do it too!

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Product Planning Essentials


Set the vision and direction of your product offering.

Feature Briefs

Develop a template for writing feature specifications.

Release Plans

Break big ideas down so you can ship faster and more frequently.

Fundamental Delivery Processes

Epics & User Stories

Master the art of writing short form requirements.

Sprint Planning

Keep your developer team focused and on the right path.

Codebase Management

Enable collaboration and control versioning.

Expert instruction from acclaimed product coach and host of the 100 PM podcast, Suzanne Abate

Suzanne Abate is a leading advocate, educator and consultant on expert product management. As host of the 100 PM podcast, her mission is to expand approaches and conversations in tech and business, making the fields more accessible, diverse, and playful. Beyond 100 PM, Suzanne actively serves the product community through her role as Co-Founder and Head of Product Services at TDF, Enterprise Instructor with General Assembly, and public speaker. She loves coaching companies and mentoring individuals who want to achieve great things.

You’re in good company

Leaders from some of the best organizations have benefitted from Suzanne’s coaching and the lessons in this guide.

Get your business on a path to be a high-performing technology company with TDF.

There are plenty of companies that assist with software development, and lots of consultants that help improve business systems, but our two decades-long product and engineering expertise enables us to both assess the urgent problems and underlying causes that may be slowing your progress and help you implement a prioritized plan for achieving your biggest technology goals.