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Software Architecture and Database Design

Architecture refers to the structure of a software system. It dictates how the different functional elements will relate.

Good architecture considers the planned behavior of the system, but also the underlying business goals, such as scalability.

If a system has been poorly architected or poorly maintained (or both), it’s likely that:

  • Bug outputs or regression issues are increasing with each release

  • The level of effort required to implement new features is also increasing

  • Cost per line of code is at an all time high

Expanding or modernizing your existing software solution should begin with architecture that aligns with your business goals and product vision.

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Thomas Goddard
TDF is a team of creative IT and product people who develop all sorts of different technology resources for their clients. They listened very carefully to our description of what we do and they understood it. They take the time to learn what you do, deeply.

Dr. Thomas Goddard, CEO, Integral Healthcare Solutions

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