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Technical Roadmaps and Tech Debt Relief

A Technical Roadmap is the path from where your software is today to the software you want. More importantly, it’s a path to stabilizing and scaling your product business.

Your technical roadmap can be a companion to implementing a new system architecture safely or a standalone plan for addressing compounding technical debt.

The benefits of a good technical roadmap include:

  • Minimizing bug outputs and regression issues

  • Rolling out new features and fixes faster

  • Safer adoption of new technologies (libraries, server upgrades, etc)

  • Converting and onboarding new customers faster

  • Hiring and retainining specialized developers more easily

If you have a vision for how you’d like to improve your technology but need help putting together an actionable plan for removing roadblocks and achieving your goals, talk to us today about our Technical Roadmapping and Tech Debt Relief services.

Thomas Goddard
TDF is a team of creative IT and product people who develop all sorts of different technology resources for their clients. They listened very carefully to our description of what we do and they understood it. They take the time to learn what you do, deeply.

Dr. Thomas Goddard, CEO, Integral Healthcare Solutions

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