Case Study | Integral Healthcare Solutions

Together we built a custom project management tool that catapulted an overworked healthcare accreditation consultancy into a highly scalable compliance technology company.


  • Product Roadmapping
  • System Architecture
  • Custom Software Development

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Where we started from:

  • Integral Healthcare Solutions’ founder and healthcare accreditation expert, Tom Goddard, wanted to build an online subscription library to license hundreds of helper articles and videos he had developed over ten years
  • As we explored the library opportunity and learned more about Tom’s business, we observed that his core team was overburdened with organizing and managing their high-touch consulting process, while also trying to keep track of hundreds of client tasks and deliverables
  • The company had limited experience with building software products and no in-house technical expertise

What we did:

  • Together we developed “Goldfinch,” a project management software that automated the unique workflows of Tom’s accreditation consulting process
  • Goldfinch centralized all tasks and deliverables into a web application that could be accessed anywhere by Tom’s team and their clients
  • Tom’s original content library idea became a component of a larger solution, doubling Goldfinch as a training tool and unique advantage for clients who choose Integral Healthcare Solutions to guide them through the healthcare accreditation process

What resulted:

  • Goldfinch enabled a 35% capacity increase per consultant, reducing team burnout and the need to add overhead expenses
  • New business increased by 500%
  • Integral Healthcare Solutions cemented a market position as the leading URAC, NCQA, and HIPAA accreditation consultancy and compliance software company
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